The Need for Computer Education in Everyday Life

Computer Education

Life today, regardless of whether it is a domestic or a commercial environment revolves around computers and their use. The world has gone digital and if you cannot keep abreast of this development, you will be losing out a lot. Whether it is online shopping, live streaming of music, reading newspapers on tablets and smart phones or watching digital TV the same way, computers have turned traditional concepts of living on its head. Hence it is very important that computer education be imbibed in children from a very young age so that they can grow up well prepared to face the many challenges of a computer driven world.

How do computer skills help in everyday life? Here are a few answers to this question.

  • Improves research skills – The Internet has literally replaced use of encyclopaedias, magazines and newspapers as a source of credible and authentic information. Now all that is required is to access the Internet and get all updates as required. This is research and computer education teaches you how to thoroughly carry it out from a very young age.
  • Helps in bagging lucrative jobs – The business scenario today is run on a digital platform. There are hardly any aspects of functioning in an organisation that requires manual intervention. From accounts to payroll processing, from keeping track of inventories to crucial financial decision making, every process is fully computerised today through cutting edge software and hardware. Computer education will enable you to blend in easily with this work environment and make a rewarding and well paying career of it.
  • Increases technology development skills – Computers today are used in every sphere of life- from home electronics, to aeronautics, to medical advancements and robotics. Hence picking up computer skills is absolutely necessary. For instance, suppose you are working on improvements in high-tech equipment related to the medical profession. It will be innovations in medical technology that will be based on computer hardware and software. Hence the two will be closely linked with one another.
  • Enhances work skills and efficiencies – This can be best explained by a live example. Consider a person without computer education employed in a traditional form of business. All records have to be maintained manually and hundreds of data has to be entered in the books of accounts, thereby increasing the possibility of human error and wrong report generation. On the other hand, accounts personnel with computer skills will use cutting edge software to finalise accounts. Not only will the process be faster, it will also be accurate in all respects. Thus people with a computer background help to increase operating efficiencies of businesses and their services are naturally much in demand.
  • Enables easy communication – The Internet has done away with traditional means of communication. Letters are no longer written with emails which are delivered instantly replacing it. Video conferencing is a very important tool for having meetings between executives of a company posted in different corners of the globe. It is also possible to see and talk with loved ones regardless of the distance. All these advanced technologies can be optimally used by people who have gone through computer education programmes and courses.

All this goes to prove that computer education today is as important today as other basic necessities of life.